Cambridge tous niveaux

Les cours de Cambridge arrivent au terme des 30 semaines et se terminent comme prévu le 29 mai.

Pour ces dernières semaines, c’est Ann-Marie qui prend le relais pour l’ensemble des élèves du collège.

3eme Cambridge Sudha


Sending you some help sheets on prepositions,pronouns and modal verbs which you can use when you do your reading exercises.Also sending you the corrections explained for the reading exercises part 5 of week 3. Hope it helps explaining the correct answers.

3eme Cambridge Sudha Week 4( April 6th – April 10th )

Please send me back your work either as a pdf or word document on April 14th.

Test4- part 1
test 4-part 2
Test 4- part 3
test 4-part 4

Sudha Cambridge 3eme,4eme,5eme,6eme

Hi all

I have installed the pdf editor in my computer so all of you can send me the work as pdfs too. . It does make correction easy.

Thanks to the person who suggested me this