Madame Caro’s 4eme Week 9

Hello all, this is your last week of Cambridge with me.

Please Turn in Homework: If you have not turned in your assignments you have till this Thursday, May 28th. There are several of you who need to turn in past assignments so I am giving you plenty of time to do so. Once it is the last day, Thursday, May 28th, you will not have a chance to turn in your past assignments. Please do so as this makes up a portion of your grade.

This week’s Homework: This week you will be doing a report on a friend, person, family member of your choice. You will use the skills we have learned this year: how to write a report, how to do an interview, and your skills in English in general. I hope you have fun with this and learn something new about your friend or family member.

REPORT: Your report needs to have an introduction, 3 paragraphs, and a conclusion. INTERVIEW OPTION: You can also choose to do your report in an interview form, or any other creative way. Perhaps a video. For the interview you can ask questions over the phone. The idea is to have fun with this, make it interesting and use all of the skills you have learned.

Paragraph and Interview Ideas:

Tell us about the person you are interviewing … their

Hobbies? Skills? Interests? Their Strengths? Passions? What do they want their career to be? Where do they hope to be in 5 years? Do they prefer the beach or the mountains? Where is their favorite place to go? Do they prefer Winter or Summer? What sports do they play? When did they start playing sports? What is an interesting fact about them? How do you know each other?

Those are just some ideas for you, but you can create your own questions. This will be your last assignment so make it a great one.

I am looking forward to reading these.

Have a good day, cordially,

Madame Caro

Cambridge tous niveaux

Les cours de Cambridge arrivent au terme des 30 semaines et se terminent comme prévu le 29 mai.

Pour ces dernières semaines, c’est Ann-Marie qui prend le relais pour l’ensemble des élèves du collège.

Madame Caro’s 4eme Week 8

Hello Class,

I hope this email finds you well. Assignments: As I have said before there are some of you that need to turn in previous assignments. Please do this for the assignments noted to turn in by email.

Other students if you turned in your assignments do not worry. You have worked hard and the quality of your work is impressive.

This week’s assignment will be to choose a Film, Book, or Series to analyze. Pick your favorite film, book, or series and you will answer the questions below. Be creative, include photos if you would like, and be as descriptive as possible.

The Questions: please answer the following questions

1. What Character do you like the most and why?

2. What is the main problem in the Film, Book or Series? How was the problem solved? If the problem was not solved what would happen, would there be a different ending?

3. Is the Film, Book, or Series believable? Could this situation happen in real life? Why or Why not?

4. Pretend you are interviewing a character in the Film, Book or Series what two questions would you ask them? Bonus: What do you think their responses would be?

5. If you could trade places with one of the characters who would you trade places with? Why would you trade places with them?

Please turn this assignment in by email.

Have a great day and continue the good work.


Madame Caro

Madame Caro’s 4eme Week 7

Hello everyone,

I hope this email finds you well. I am impressed with the work and assignments you have turned in thus far.

For those of you who need to turn in assignments please do so even if they are late.

This week you will be finding an article in a Journal or Magazine in English. You can do this also from an article online or a blog as well. You will tell me what article you read, the title, and where it was from.

If you can’t find an article here are two articles you can choose from to read:

Students Graduate Online:

Hobbies and why they are Great:

English Article Assignment: Write about the article and explain why it interested you? What was the purpose of the article? Did the article inspire you? What was the general ideas of it? The goal is for you to read articles in English. You can read articles from your favorite sports, the news, travel, or hobbies.

You will also start thinking about your first introduction paragraph for your biographies. I will give you instructions for this next week. Your biographies will be the last assignment for the year.

Have a great week and keep up the good work.


Madame Caro

Madame Caro’s 4eme Week 6

Hello everyone,

I hope you are doing well and that you are practicing your English. I have received some of your assignments but if you have yet to turn in your work, please do so. For Week 6 we will be working on Descriptive Sentences.

« Photo Descriptions » are the assignment this week.

Example: This is a photo that I took at the beginning of March. The water was crystal blue and the weather was warm. I noticed that everything in the scene were shades of green and the contrast of the blue sky made all of the colors pop. I was excited to be riding my bike around the lake. Looking back on this photo I did not realize this would be my last bike ride before confinement.

Instructions: You will pick a favorite photo that you have taken and describe it. The goal of the assignment is to use detailed vocabulary and descriptive sentences to describe the photo so it feels as if you are right back in that moment.

You can also take a photo of you now, and the theme would be « A Day in the Life » this is a great way to document a moment. Explain how you are? Describe your mood and where you are in the photo. Have fun with this and please write one paragraph using the examples I gave you. Title your photo with something creative. My photo would be: Glimmering Green.

Again, I hope all of you are well and I look forward to seeing your assignments.


Madame Caro

Cambridge 4eme Madame Caro

Writing a Newspaper Article

For this assignment you will turn it in by email to me.

Newspaper articles are current events and stories that are brief, and only tell detailed facts of an event.

Your assignment: You will find a topic, story, or even create your own event to write your Newspaper Article. Get creative, and have fun with this. Perhaps, you have accomplished something, or a family member has accomplished something in the past, you can use this event to create a newspaper story.

For number 2, if your newspaper story involves a family member you can interview them.

You can include a photo for your Newspaper Article. Again, have fun with this, be creative.

Please turn this into me by email:

I hope you are all well,


Madame Caro

Week 4 Madame Caro’s 4eme

Week 4 you will be watching a video clip from “Inside Out”

Part 1 of your assignment: please describe what happened in the video clip in 4-6 sentences. You can turn this in to me by email next Monday,

If you have issues turning this in, I can look at it when we return. Please label it Week 4 Inside Out.

Part 2 of the assignment: Please write 4-6 sentences telling me about a time when you tried something new or went somewhere new. How did it make you feel: happy, excited, determined, challenged, nervous, or discouraged? How did you feel when it was over?

This assignment will work on you watching and understanding a scene spoken in English. I hope you are all well and I look forward to seeing all of you when we return.


Madame Caro

Week 3 Madame Caro’s 4eme

Hello students, the sun is out today and I hope you are all doing well. Please keep Week 1 and 2’s assignment in your folder so I can look at them when we return.

This week’s assignment is a: FAMILY INTERVIEW. Use this time to pick one family member to interview. You can interview a parent, grandparent, sister, brother or cousin.

The goal is for you to speak with them in English.

Ask the question in English, then if they do not arrive, you can ask in French.

However, the responses need to be in English. This assignment will help with listening skills, and translating.

Parent or Family Interview

Interview one of your parents, a sister, a brother, a cousin or a family member of your choosing.  Use this as a chance to ask the question in English, and if needed ask in French. Please write 2-3 sentences for each question and in English.

Interview Questions

  • What is your favorite hobby or interest?
  • When you were younger what did you want to do when you grew up? If you are asking someone younger than you, ask them: What do they want to be when they grow up? (Their profession)
  • Where is your favorite place to go on Holiday?
  • Do you have a favorite meal or recipe?
  • What is your favorite type of music?
  • How would you describe your personality in three words?

I am looking forward to seeing your responses. Please turn in your interviews by next Thursday, April 9th, if you have issues turning this in you can turn this in with Week 1 and Week 2 work in your folder.

All of these assignments count for a majority of your grade.

Have fun with this interview and enjoy learning something new about your family.

All the best,

Madame Caro

Cambridge 4eme Madame Caro Watch and Character Description

Hello 4eme, I hope you are well. For your next assignment I would like you to watch an episode of your favorite series, a cartoon, or film in English. To do this, watch it with subtitles. This exercise works best if it’s an episode you have already seen. If you can’t watch this in English do not worry, you will then need to write a paragraph telling me about a film or series you watch.

The assignment: write and tell me about your favorite character in what you are watching. What attributes (qualities in personality) do you admire, like, or perhaps dislike? What is the theme of the episode? Is there a problem that the main character needs to solve? Describe the series, the film, or cartoon in English.

Submitting, you will submit this as Week 2 when we return to class. Keep this in your folder, and make sure to title and date it. This assignment counts as your participation. My goal for you is to find the practice in watching a show you enjoy but listening and watching in English.

I hope all of you are well, and I look forward to seeing each of you when we return.