Cambridge tous niveaux

Les cours de Cambridge arrivent au terme des 30 semaines et se terminent comme prévu le 29 mai.

Pour ces dernières semaines, c’est Ann-Marie qui prend le relais pour l’ensemble des élèves du collège.

Madame Caro’s 6eme Week 7

Hello everyone, I hope this email finds you well. This will be our last week of Cambridge and it was a pleasure teaching all of you.

This is the last week you will be able to turn in the assignments where I have noted to turn in. It is very important to turn in your assignments even if they are late.

Your assignment this week is to write an essay telling me about yourself. You will write an introduction paragraph telling me who you are. Your name, where you live, if you have brothers or sisters, what grade you are in and any details that you feel should be in your introduction.

The First Paragraph you will tell me about your childhood, your past.

The second paragraph will be about you now. What are the sports you play now, your hobbies, your classes, your life in the present moment. What are the things you enjoy doing?

The third paragraph will be about the future. What do you hope to study? Where do you hope to live? What do you want to be? What are your future goals?

Have fun with this as it’s your last assignment of the year. This needs to be turned in along with any other assignment you have yet to turn in. You can do this by emailing:

Have a great day, cordially,

Madame Caro

Madame Caro’s 6eme Week 6

Hello Class, I hope you all had a good vacation. I also hope you are doing well. I have received your assignments. Please turn in the work if you have not. If you have, thank you.

This week your assignment is called « The 5 Minute Activity » For each number you will write three words that goes with the statement all have to do with sports. For example: #1 List 3 sports that use a net: Basketball, Waterpolo, Badminton.

Complete for 1-10. Second step: write sentences with each of the words you have chosen. Example: I played basketball when I was young. In college I was on the waterpolo team. I love playing badminton with friends.

Please turn this in by the beginning of next week. I hope you have a wonderful day and I am thinking of all of you.


Madame Caro

Cambridge 6eme Madame Caro Story Starters

Hello Students, your assignment this week needs to be turned into my email address.

It is a fun exercise where you will finish the story from the list of story starters. Story starters are when you have one sentence that you use to give you the idea for your story.

For example #12 If I had a time machine … you would explain where would you go? Why would you go there? It is necessary to be descriptive and write a story in 6-8 sentences. Choose any number from the list to start your story.

You can write more if you choose. Please turn this in by email:

Have a great day, cordially,

Madame Caro

Week 4 Madame Caro’s 6eme

The Magic School Bus Rides Again

The video link click here:

Hello Class, as it is Spring and the beginning of April the theme in the video is Spring. Watch this series with English subtitles.

In your journal describe what is happening in the video? Where did the class go? What is the problem the students need to discover and solve in the episode?

Pay attention to the vocabulary and write 10 words that you do not know. Using your dictionary look up the words and use them in 10 sentences.

You will do this in your journal. Write: Week 4 The Magic School Bus Rides Again

I hope you are all well. I look forward to seeing all of you when we return.


Madame Caro

Week 3 Madame Caro’s 6eme

How Often do you? This assignment will encourage you to think about how often you do daily activities using frequency adverbs: often, always, generally, frequently never, and sometimes. Have fun with this activity and you can even ask a family member to play along. For each square you will put a frequency adverb. For example, ask the question How often do you … then say what is in each square. 1st square: How often do you wash your hair? I frequently wash my hair. Respond according to your habits.

Second Step: In your journal write Week 3, and please pick 10 squares and write one sentence for each square. Example: Second Square: I often take the bus. You will do this for 10 squares.

Please keep this assignment in your folder and I will be looking at Week 1, Week 2 and Week 3 when we return. These assignments count for majority of your grade.

I hope you are doing well.


Madame Caro

Cambridge 6e Mrs Caro Much and Many

Hello my 6eme, I hope you are all well. How did the vision boards go? First assignment you have a worksheet explaining the differences between much and many. For example: How much are these apples? Much is often considered an uncountable noun. Many can be used for countable nouns, for example: How may classmates do you? Click on the photo, and choose save image as it will go to your download box on your computer, then print. (Cliquez sur la photo et choisissez enregistrer l’image car elle ira dans votre boîte de téléchargement sur votre ordinateur, puis imprimez.) If you do not have a printer, you can work looking at the example on the blog. Use a piece of paper and label the first example with the bananas as number 1. Do this for all of the examples. You can submit this by email to: If you can’t submit, please put this in your folder and I will be looking at everything when we return.

Your second assignment will be a journal write, please write in your journal about your daily routine. What time do you wake up? What do you eat for breakfast? What are you reading? What do you eat for lunch? How are you? I will be looking at your journals when we return and they will count for participation. I am wishing you and your parents hello, and I hope to see all all of you soon.

Madame Caro

Vision Board for Madame Caro’s 4eme

For this assignment you will use a magazine, newspaper, or print images from the internet to create a Vision Board.

Instructions: Use a piece of paper and cut out images and glue to the paper. This assignment is for you to help build your vocabulary, and think positively about the future or your present moment in English.

Your vision board should include the sport you like, the food you like, where you would like to go, the music you like, what you are reading, or where was your best holiday, what are your goals?

Cut out pictures of things you enjoy. After you create your vision board, on the back you will write a paragraph describing the photos you used. The photos are for you to use visually to help write a creative paragraph. An example of instructions: we will share these when we return to class. I hope all of you are doing well, and remember to try and watch your favorite series with subtitles and in English. Have a good day, Madame Caro