4ème Cambridge Pippa Wk 9

Hello everybody – here is your work for this week. Please send it back to me by Friday 29th May.

  1. Listening: Listen to the short conversations and choose the correct pictures to answer the 5 questions. (1 picture for each answer)

2. Reading: Read the text and choose 1 word to fill each gap.

3. Writing OR Speaking (you choose): Look at the picture and either write a short text about it OR record yourself speaking about it. The questions are to help you think about the picture – make sure you answer ALL of them.

I’m very sad that I can’t say ‘Goodbye’ to you all in person 🙁 I have really enjoyed teaching you all this year and I’m sorry that it got cut short. I think you’ve all made good progress – I hope you do too! I want to wish you all the very best for the rest of this school year and I hope that you can enjoy a Summer outside in the sunshine. Don’t forget to keep practising your English!! (For anyone who wants, I can send links to some English sites – ask me when you send in your work) Thank you for all your hard work during the confinement – stay safe and well – and I hope to see you again next year 🙂 🙂 Pippa

Cambridge tous niveaux

Les cours de Cambridge arrivent au terme des 30 semaines et se terminent comme prévu le 29 mai.

Pour ces dernières semaines, c’est Ann-Marie qui prend le relais pour l’ensemble des élèves du collège.

4ème Cambridge Pippa Wk 8

Hi Everybody – here is your work for this week. As you have ‘no school’ on Thursday and Friday, please try to send back your work by Wednesday 20th May.

Read the text about Captain Tom – who has become famous in the UK during the Covid-19 confinement, and answer the 10 questions.

Watch and listen to the video of the song he recently released, ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’, and fill in the gaps to the song. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LcouA_oWsnU Why do you think they chose this song?

For students who would like KET practice:

You are doing some great work – I encourage you to continue 🙂

4ème Cambridge Pippa Wk 7

Hi everybody – I hope you are all well and can enjoy going out a little bit now (safely). Here is the work for Wk 7. Please try to return it to me by Friday 15th May – pippaj74000@gmail.com.

  1. Reading: Read the notices, emails etc and choose the correct answer – A or B or C.

2. Reading: Read the 2 emails and write ONE word for each gap (trou)

3. Writing: Write an email (25 words or more) and make sure you answer ALL 3 questions.

4. Listening: Listen to the 5 conversations and answer the questions. A or B or C.

4ème Cambridge Pippa Wk 6

Hi everyone. i hope you had a good rest from school work and that you and your families are all safe and well. Here is your work for this week. Please send it back to me for correcting (pippaj74000@gmail.com) by Friday 8th May. Thank you.

  1. Reading:

2. Writing: Écrivez l’histoire montrée dans les 3 images.

3. Listening: What did Sonia buy in each shop? (Dans la 2ème liste – ‘Things’, les mots que vous entendez sont souvent différents des mots que vous lisez. Vous ne pouvez utiliser une réponse qu’une seule fois.

Wishing you all a very good week 🙂

4ème Cambridge Pippa Wk 5

Hello everybody. I hope you all had a lovely Easter. Here are the exercises for week 5 – final work before the ‘holidays’. If possible please send it to me at pippaj74000@gmail.com by Friday 17th April. (Si vous voulez vous entrainer pour le KET pendant les vacances, laissez moi savoir par email et je vous enverrai des exercises)

  1. Reading: Read the text – fiche 1 and answer the questions – fiche 2 (A ou B ou C)

2. Listening: Listen to the conversation between 2 people. There are 5 questions and you have to choose the right answer A ou B ou C.

Courage à vous tous!

4ème Cambridge Pippa Wk 4

Hello everybody – I hope you are all well. Here is your work for Week 4 to send back to me at pippaj74000@gmail.com by Tuesday 14th April.

  1. Reading: Lire les 3 courts textes et répondre aux questions.

2. Lire les 2 emails et écrire UN mot dans chaque espace. Examinez attentivement les mots avant et après chaque espace pour vous aider à décider.

3. Writing: en suivant les consignes, écrire un email (25 words). Assurez vous de répondre à chaque point.

Wishing you all a very good week and Easter week end 🙂

4ème Cambridge Pippa Wk 3

Hi all of you. Hope you are doing OK. Here is your work for this week. Send it back to me at pippaj74000@gmail.com by Monday 6th April.

  1. Listening: Remplissez la fiche par rapport le gym en écoutant l’enregistrement. (Vous n’avez pas besoin de le photocopier – écrivez vos réponses pour me les envoyer). Essayez d’écouter l’enregistrement que 2 fois.

2. Lisez la fiche ‘The History of Chocolate’ (sur la même fiche que l’ex. d’écoute) et remplissez chaque espaces avec le bon mot. Attention: Lisez l’intégralité d’article avant de commencer et regardez les mots avant et après chaque trous pour vous aider à choisir le mot.

3. Regardez les 3 images et écrivez une histoire 35 – 50 mots.

You’re doing some great work so continue!! 🙂

4ème Cambridge Pippa Wk 2

Hi everybody – hope you are all OK and helping your parents with the housework 😉 Here is your work for Week 2.

  1. Read the attached handout – Adjective Order (lisez la fiche)

2. Do the Exercises Fiche 2

3. Speaking: Vous devez imaginer que vous êtes 2 personnes différentes! En utilisant la fiche ‘MUSEUM’, utilisez les guides pour demander les questions et utilisez l’info sur la fiche pour répondre aux questions. Enregistrez vous et envoyez moi votre travail par mail – pippaj74000@gmail.com

La date finale pour ce travail est le mardi 31 mars. Attention: Il y a quelques uns d’entre vous qui ne m’ont toujours pas envoyé le travail de Wk 1!!

4ème Cambridge English with Pippa, Week 1

Hi everybody – hope you are all keeping fit and healthy. Here is the work for this week. We will continue with Unit 6 p. 38 & 39 – you already have the papers. Read the article « The Staffordshire Hoard » and answer the questions in Ex. 4 p.39. Here is some vocab to help with the comprehension.

hoard = un magot; Staffordshire = un comté d’Angleterre; hobby = un loisir/passe-temps; treasure = trésor; field = un champ; travelling exhibitions = expositions itinérantes.

Next, imagine that Terry is coming to your school. Write 3 questions that you would like to ask him. (Imaginez qui Terry arrive dans votre école. Ecrivez 3 questions que vous aimeriez lui poser) eg. Do you still look for treasure?

You can send your work to me at pippaj74000@gmail.com and don’t forget to include your written homework from 12th March – where you described an object.